Miss Maestro

Never work with children and animals they say... yet when the dogs are highly trained working labradors (and a slightly batty cocker spaniel) and the child is a musical genius, the job is never a hardship. 

SM Ollie Ross-16.jpg

Meet Olivia and her team of gundogs. You may remember the amazing Labrador puppies I shot a few years ago (see blog “Cuteness Overload”). Well those belonged to Olivia’s family. She is one of the sweetest young ladies I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Witty, intelligent and a beautiful musician on both the piano and flute. 


As a young musician, Ollie spends many hours practising her craft and has performed for large audiences in places such as Exeter Cathedral. To top it all, she is also a wonderful vocalist and is part of the choir too.  

When she isn’t being a musical maestro, Ollie had inherited her mother’s love for animals and can be found working with her gundogs. She has a beautiful connection with her floppy-eared cocker spaniel who is as cheeky and adorable as Ollie herself. 

SM Ollie Ross-11.jpg

Olivia's shoot took place in the autumn where the colours were rich and the light was golden. It was shot on location and for me, was a dream shoot.  

I wish Ollie all the best with her musical adventures and look forward to seeing her again soon (maybe there will be some new puppies to play with too!).

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Until Next Time, Smile For The Camera,  

Love Carly x

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