Going for Gold!

I am always intrigued by people. What motivates them, what drives them, what inspires them and how events of their lives can often shape the path of the journey they are on.


When I was approached to produce a series of images for Libby to submit to a modelling agency, I thought I was about to hear a familiar story of a young girl drawn to the glamour of modelling, who may not really appreciate how hard the industry is to work in. But I was wrong!


Who I met was a tenacious and gutsy teenager, who every day wakes up and goes to the pool and swims. She goes to school, she comes home and she swims. Libby is a girl with drive, with passion and with her eyes firmly set on an Olympic career in the pool.

But training and competitions do not come cheap. This young lady does not rest on her laurels. Whilst she has full support from her family, she recognises that all these things need funding and modelling is a way to fund this dream.


Her images had to be shot in natural light, with no makeup and limited editing. And my word - she rocked this shoot. It was cold; she didn’t moan. We used multiple locations; she didn’t moan. We took it in to the studio; she didn’t moan.


Young girls these days are all snapchat filters and pouty poses - often looking way beyond their years. It was therefore refreshing to meet a young woman who is going to head out into the world and be confident in her own skin, promote health, wellbeing and a positive “fit not skinny” body image to a following of girls who really need role models just like Libby in their life.


I wish Libby absolute success with both her swimming and her modelling and look forward to watching her career develop over the years.


Until Next Time, Smile For The Camera

Love Carly x