Puppy Power!

You can never turn down a job that involves wriggling bundles of cuteness, especially of the canine variety. 

British Bulldogs-133.jpg

I was delighted to capture the litter of six Old Tyne British Bulldogs before they headed off to their forever homes. 

The different personalities soon came out as the puppies were let loose in a wooded play area for a leg stretch. Inquisitive, shy, adventurous and playful were some of the characters on display as the pups rolled and tumbled up and down the slopes. 

No puppy shoot is complete without the puppies in a basket shot; this time in a steel tub!

British Bulldogs-65.jpg

I wish the pups well in their new homes. To book your canine, feline, equine or other exotic style animal shoot, please contact me via the contact page for more details and availability. 

Until Next Time, Smile for the Camera, 

Love Carly x