Bellever good time in the woods!

Finally! The weather has been so kind and I was booked to undertake a gorgeous family shoot with a set of cousins (and their mums!) for a special wedding anniversary gift for their Grandmother and Grandfather. Granny was a keen photographer and was wanting some up to date pictures of her grandchildren.

Bellever Woods was a favourite childhood spot for the mums and it is one of my favourite places too due to the variety of settings it offers in a relatively small area. Bridges, rocks, rivers and the iconic five bar gate made great sets for this family shoot. 

As with all my shoots, there was a lot of laughter and none more than from the youngest member of the family, Ben, who didn't stop giggling all morning! Made for some great out take shots though and relaxed the rest of the crew. 

I love family shoots and the mix of personalities they offer so to book yours today by contacting me through the contact page. Now taking weekday bookings for selected dates throughout the Summer Holidays. 

And until next time, Smile for the Camera! 

Love Carly x