Networking is the key....

When starting out in business, you need to crack the market and with photography, recommendations and networking seem to be key. This was one of the main reasons I took the advice I was given early on and upgraded my website to its current format; a glossy landing site for potential clients and a perfect showcase for my work. 

Networking also appears to be crucial so I decided to look at the other services I may need to employ for my shoots and start to build relationships. This is where my latest photoshoot comes in... 

When scouting the local pages for services needed, I came across a young lady who was newly qualified as a make up artist (MUA). Perfect, I thought! I dropped her a line to see if she would like some images for her pages and she did. 

I met with Sophie Bromfield last Monday and shadowed her as she worked on her model. It was great to see someone entering into business and using the same ethics: hardworking and high quality. There was no expense spared on her brands and equipment and you could clearly see she was passionate about make up and giving people a confidence lift through her work. 

I have taken Sophie's details and look forward to being able to recommend her to future clients. 

A special thank you should be given to Jade for modelling for us. 

Another great experience with its own unique challenges. If anyone else has a business and would like some commercial images - please contact me via the contacts page and we can discuss your requirements. 

Until Next Time, Smile for the Camera

Love Carly x