Freddie Robert - He's a kind of magic!

It made total sense that the parents of a baby boy, who are massive Queen fans, would call their first born son,  Freddie. What couldn't be planned was for Freddie to make his appearance on the anniversary of the opening night of We Will Rock You! It was almost meant to be! 

When Nic and John contacted me to photograph Freddie in natural light at their home, I was thrilled. We discussed a few ideas prior to the shoot and I made sure both mum and dad were happy with the layout of the day, very much taking into account the routine they had in place. 

At six days old, we expected Freddie to sleep contently throughout his shoot, having made sure the room was very warm and he was full of yummy milk. Freddie however had his own ideas and decided he was going to contently stay awake for 80% of the shoot! Whilst this didn't cause us too many problems, it did mean posing him was a little more in the hands of the Rock Gods.


Both parents had great ideas on what themes they would like and there were two specific shots required which had to include a family blanket for Nic's mum and another that had been lovingly crocheted by John's mum.


Nic's theme would relate to the Queen connection and I was blown away when she produced a Brian May Red edition guitar to include in our first set. I thought long and hard about how to pose Freddie with this but as always safety comes first and decided to stay with a floor level layout and overhead shots. This was mainly due to light direction and space. I love the images of this section in monochrome and I think there is a future rocker in the making!

We had great plans to have a sleeping Freddie with one of John's basketballs but as we know, Freddie didn't want to sleep. The image is not quite how we envisaged it but I actually liked Freddie's expression so kept the shot to add to the growing gallery. 

Freddie B - Low Res Fuji for web-9.jpg

Whilst we had him stripped off, I got the opportunity to set up some shots I've been longing to take for a while - tiny feet with wedding rings and heart shaped hands. Having tried this with my previous baby model, who was 4 months old and therefore a little too big to pull it off, I knew it would be an ace choice with a newborn. 

Freddie James - Lo Res for web-10.jpg

For first time parents, I have to commend Nic and John for their relaxed and engaging attitude throughout the shoot, both full of ideas and open to suggestions. 

Whilst all this was going on in the house, Jasper, the family Cocker Spaniel was patiently waiting in the wings for his moment so whilst Freddie was having a quick change and feed, I gave him some attention.  

With clothes back on and a refuel in the tummy, I set to work with the next two themes - Mickey Mouse and the New York Knicks!

The only shot to elude me on the day was of Freddie and Jasper together. Jasper is very energetic and with Freddie being so tiny, I was unhappy with the results. The size dynamics were out and it just didn't make a good image. On that basis, I have offered Nic and John a free mini shoot in the Spring of 2018 when Freddie will be a lot bigger and more robust - I already have visions of them both in a bluebell wood, playing with a ball! 

I would like to thank Nic and John for being amazing clients and wish them all the best with their new role as parents! If you would like to book your own family shoot, please contact me to discuss availability. All prices are on my pricing page and as a one off deal, any shoot booked by the end of May quoting the code  - Freddie - will received £5 off their shoot. 

Until Next Time, Smile for the Camera

Love Carly x