Surprise gifts....

I'm a great believer in Karma and paying it forward, so I took the opportunity to say thank you to my first client by arranging to have a Saal-Digital Photo Booklet sent with the images from her photoshoot. 

I was invited to review the product by Saal-Digital and have been massively impressed with the quality of their products so far. What I was really interested to discover is what someone else would think when they received the product as a surprise....Here was Sarah's response.

Sarah was impressed by the quality of the print and casual style of the phonebook with its spiral binding. 

The results of this trial means I can use Saal-Digital with complete confidence and have the products sent direct to the client. I'm contemplating adding the photo booklet to my basic packages as a complimentary thank you with a small selection images. The smallest booklet starts at £4.95 for 16 pages and I have suggested this as a great alternative for the leavers gift in my local school. 

I recommend Saal-Digital for professional nd non professionals alike. 


Until Next Time ... Smile for the Camera!

Love Carly x