When life gives you....... Riley in the Rain...

You have the date booked, you know the exact location you are going to use, your client is ready and prepped... and it rains...and rains... and rains....

But someone once said to me, "When life gives you lemons..." so we embraced the rain, invested in some funky umbrellas and off we went. 

Meet Riley, who had just been to a birthday party at a soft play zone (any parent reading this will now be shuddering in terror - the noise, the smell!) and who was very excited to meet the "camera lady" -  so much so that he had spent his entire holiday practising his smile! 


The shoot was a very special one. It was a shoot to show the love of a mother and an aunt for a little boy who arrived in their lives at a time when their hearts were broken from the loss of their own father. It was clearly evident throughout how important this young man was to the sisters but equally how important they were to each other. The smiles were infectious and we all soon forgot about the rain. 


Young Riley was indeed the star of the shoot. He loved the camera and we played a nice game of peek a boo from behind the lens in-between takes. The real highlight was the trashing of the umbrellas - Riley loved throwing them around and watching them get taken by the wind. It really was a shoot to remember; not for how bad the weather was but for the warmth and bond of a loving family.

Until Next Time, Smile for the Camera

Love Carly x