Blooming Lovely...

Even after having two children of my own, the amazing transformation a female body endures during pregnancy still leaves me speechless. It's beautiful, it's natural, it's miraculous.

I was overjoyed to invite Louise into the new studio to shoot her blooming lovely bump. It was gorgeous to fill the studio with all things feminine for the ethereal theme adopted for the first half of the shoot. Soft flowing fabrics, pretty pink flowers and Louise, who was just glowing. 

Carrying her second child, Louise looked goddess-like in front of the dramatic black backdrop and was a natural in front of the camera. To enter someone else's domain and bare almost all could be quite nerve wracking and I was so pleased Louise felt comfortable; we had a lot of fun - chatting all the way through the shoot. 

Maternity Low Res-24.jpg

During the second half of the shoot, we went for a more modern lifestyle approach. Less posed and much more relaxed in sense of style, I adore the shots taken over a faux cup of tea! Louise knew the sex of her baby and we were able to include some really cute booties knitted by Lousie's future mother in law. I love having personal items included in the shoot, especially when they have such sentimental meaning. 

I wish Louise a safe and healthy delivery in January and look forward to hearing what name she finally settles on! 

Things to consider when planning to shoot or book a maturity shoot

  • Maternity shoots are best shot at about 30 weeks so if you are thinking of booking a shoot, make sure you plan well ahead to ensure your chosen photographer is available.
  • Keep in mind the theme and look you would like; speak to your photographer/client about styling the shoot.
  • If looking for silhouettes, ensure your hair has some texture to it, like soft curls or a messy top bun. 
  • Bring your scan picture or other items to be included in the shoot.
  • If the weather is fair, take it outside - I personally can't wait to do a maternity shoot on location.
  • Make sure the studio is warm enough to be undressed in.
  • Ensure your pregnant mum-to-be takes rests between shoots and have some water on hand for her to keep hydrated.
  • Think about angles and poses carefully. Mums - this is the only chance you will get where you will want a photo with your belly popping out as much as possible! Embrace the bump! 

Drop me an email via the contact page to discuss how you book your very own shoot.

Until Next Time, Smile for the Camera!

Love Carly x